Visiting fellowships in Computational Humanities in the Netherlands

The following funding opportunity might be of interest to SotonDH members:

Visiting fellowships in Computational Humanities, based at the eHumanities Group, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Applications for 2013 now open!

These visiting fellowships are intended to enable scholars working in computational humanities to conduct research and to participate in the academic life of the eHumanities Group of the KNAW. Visiting fellowships are awarded for three months Preference will be given to candidates who can demonstrate an ability to contribute to one of the ongoing projects of the Computational Humanities Programme (see website for details). During their stay, fellows will be expected to make one presentation about their own research and to hold one workshop in which they provide training in a particular tool, method or approach.

Applicants should send their CV plus a two-page plan for their fellowship to Jeannette Haagsma by 01 November 2012. The plan should include which 3 months they would like to spend in Amsterdam (excluding July & August), and ideas for the presentation and workshop. Visiting fellowships are open to women and men from all countries who already have a PhD and a demonstrable record in computational humanities. Successful applicants will receive a stipendium of €10,000 (paid in three installments) plus the costs of one return journey from their home. Fellows will be expected to make their own tax, visa, insurance and accommodation arrangements, where necessary.