Portus Summer Blog Round-Up

Between May and December last year I found myself working for quite a period of time on the Portus survey and excavations. The research and practical elements of the project were, as ever, thrilling, involving a large team of individuals from different backgrounds interested in different aspects of the archaeology of the site and surrounding landscape, and on the different approaches and methods applied as part of the project.

Portus looking towards the Trajanic Basin

With the work for 2013 finished, and lots of more exciting prospects to look forward to in 2014, it seemed like a good moment to highlight some of the posts from last year.

In July, some of the work of the excavation, including excavation and recording of rooms in the Imperial Palace, were recorded in two posts:




In addition to the summer fieldwork, the writing up of the Portus and Isola Sacra geophysics was continued in the autumn. As a result of this I posted a blog looking at some of the issues of data analysis and interpretation, with reference to the GPR and ERT surveys at Portus, and the magnetometry at the Isola Sacra:



Finally at the end of November, a short season of ERT survey was carried out across the necropolis and canal on the Isola Sacra to the south of Portus:



Results are being written up at the moment together with the Isola Sacra geophysics. More posts will follow in the spring and summer.