Fabulous student film crew SUSUtv are recording at #caasoton

You will recognise the SUSUtv guys from their lovely lime-green shirts!  For the CAA Conference which is running this week they are producing highlights packages of each day’s events, as well as, for example, more specific videos for the Day of Digital Humanities and Personal History conference themes.

The team members are:

Dom Kullander  (Film Studies)

Jamie Chadd (Film and English)

Alastair Mogford (Geography)

Cassie Robinson (Anthropology)

Lauren Baker (Film and French)

Constantin Placking (Erasmus, English Teaching)


SUSUtv was set up in 2007. They were the first ever to broadcast live in HD back in in 2010, and in 2011 their broadcasts were viewed by over 10,000 people. They are proud holders of NaSTA awards in comedy and drama. Last October they ran FreshersTV, the largest ever national link up hosting 23 stations across the country in one live show.

According to Dom, SUSUtv’s aims are to win more awards (!) and carry out further recording work for the University. They are currently producing content for the University’s Transitions Project and are open to further offers :-)