Microsoft Digital Humanities Workshop

Earlier this month I spoke at the Microsoft Digital Humanities session and in the Community Capability Model session at the 2011 Microsoft Research eScience in Action Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden. I started off by talking about our work with institutional data management and then discussed our research in computationally-intensive archaeology.  The talks by Jeffrey Schnapp (Harvard Meta Lab) and myself from the Digital Humanities session are online.

Three corrections to the video having looked again: Dominic Murphy should of course be Damian and the glass bottle render of a day was of course on a single workstation rather than the supercomputer. The point is that the supercomputer could enable many objects to be simulated at once. And finally the render of the wall paint shown doesn’t include sub-surface scattering.

Loads more tweets from the conference and details of other sessions e.g. the excellent multi-touch session: