PhD Opportunities in Web Science

Offer: A fully funded 4-year MSc/PhD studentship – annual stipend £13,590.00 (tax free) and all fees paid (Equals a monthly pay of £1,130)

Topic: Anything relevant to the Web, Social Networking, Semantic Web, e-commerce, e-learning etc.

Relevance to Digital Humanities: We currently have two PhD students doing joint topics in Web Science, one looking at on-line communities and museology and another exploring the potentials and implications of the semantic web and citizen science for cuneiform. Web Science is all about critical appraisal and transformation of the web and humanities scholars are very well placed to engage both in the critique and the creative development of new forms of web behaviour and new understandings of its impact.

We have 10 studentship opportunities to start this October. No need for computer science or programming experience.

The 4-year programme consists of a one year taught MSc course and then a 3-year PhD programme. Currently, we have students from the following disciplines:

* Law * Sociology * Economics * Geography * Electronics * Global Politics

* Psychology * Software Engineering * ITO * Archaeological Science

* History of Art * Criminal Justice * Museum Studies * Management

* International Relations * Philosophy * Multimedia applications

* National Sciences * Archaeology * Physics * Internet Engineering

* Computer Security * Computer Science