Southampton Digital Humanities 2022-2023 Annual Report

Our 2022-2023 Annual Report is now out and it is testament to a massive collective effort focused on delivering our mission to intergrate humanities education and research with digital and computational approaches, and to do so in ways that respond to grand societal and environmental challenges.

As I say in my introductory remarks, this was a year a consolidation. We grew a team, formed structures, built collaborations, and won awards. We ran our first module – Data Environmentalism – and welcomed student interns from across campus, who together made videos on greenwashing, reports on colonialism, magazines on energy disproportionality, codes books on sonification, and much more. We won grants on queer joy, critical cataloguing, and network analysis, and published work on historical co-offending, transgender discourse, and detecting knowlege transmission. And we set the foundations for that comes next: expanding our technical estate and capacity, launching new educational programmes, hosting new forms of enterprise, doing research that matters. Whilst we cannot control external forces, we can think big and seek to inspire the remarkable, to strive for equity, and to address complex global challenges. That is the flavour of Digital Humanities we seek to be. We hope you enjoy the report and look forward to working with many of you to realise our aspirations.