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February 2012, Page 2

The Connected Past: people, networks and complexity in archaeology and history

A two-day collaborative, multi-disciplinary symposium The University of Southampton 24-25 March 2012   Sponsored byĀ Archaeopress,Ā The Classical Association, theĀ Archaeological Computing Research Group,Ā Oxford University Press, theĀ University of Southampton USRG Complexity in Real-world Contexts, theĀ University of Southampton Web Science DTCĀ and theĀ University of Southampton Faculty of Humanities     Conference objectives: To provide a forum for the presentation... Continue reading →

SMuRF: Multidisciplinary Research Conference for Early Career Researchers (ECRs)

The SMuRF event was fabulous. A room full of 80 or so ECRs devoted to multidisciplinary research. There was a range of facilitated sessions, including a discussion of peer review practice that I chaired. Other issues raised were methods for supporting multidisciplinary communities, issues of career progression and recognition for multidisciplinary activity and an outline of the University's general research strategy, and in particular multidisciplinary research. Continue reading →

Workshop on 3D Heritage on the mobile web – Part Three

'Mobile Heritage applications: the case of the Gorafe Dolmens' by Jon Arambarri, VirtualWare and Jaime Kaminski, University of Brighton Jon gave a short presentation on the VirtualWare services on virtual and augmented reality applications. (for more information go to This presentation considered how a mobile app has been used to augment a wider strategy of providing visitor information about the archaeological landscape in the region of Gorafe, Spain. Continue reading →

Workshop on 3D Heritage on the mobile web – Part Two

'Use and discoverability of 3d in the context of Europeana' by Jan Molendijk, Europeana Foundation Jan talked about Europeana, the discoverability service for Europeā€™s digital heritage objects ( and the links with 3D-COFORM. Also, he pointed out that ā€˜The New Renaissanceā€™ report (2011) recommends ā€˜the reinforcement of Europeana as the reference point for European culture on-line. Continue reading →

Workshop on 3D Heritage on the mobile web – Part One

The workshop took place on the 7th of February at the University of Brighton and was organised as part of the 3D services on the Mobile Web project by members of the 3D-COFORM. This research project is funded by the European Communityā€™s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) and aims ā€˜to establish 3D documentation as an affordable, practical and effective mechanism for long term documentation of tangible cultural heritageā€™. Continue reading →