Litmus Project performance

‘Litmus Project’ pairs MA and PhD Creative Writing students from Humanities with PhD researchers in Biological Sciences, Electronics and Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. Scientific subjects under the spotlight include complexity modelling and imaging, complexity science, genetic adaptation to rising CO2 levels in plants, the nature of biological individuality, how life on Earth developed from simple physical/chemical systems to biological systems, numerical modelling of wave resistance, vibration and noise in cars, trains and airplanes, the voice following cochlear implantation and photonics.

The fruits of the students’ collaboration will be a performance of the resulting creative writing and an exhibition of the science during Multidisciplinary Research Week (6-10 February 2012) at an event in Building 85 (Life Sciences), The Observatory, level 7, Highfield on Thursday 9 February from 10.00 – 12.00.