Collaborative working using open research data to create open educational resources for the humanities

This *free* local event is part of the Higher Education Academy Open Education Resources seminar series. The focus of this workshop will be to show the benefits of publishing research data openly, and to show how one set of data collected for a single discipline can be used in different ways to create Open Educational Resources with varied content across the humanities. It will be an interactive session which will involve presentations, discussion and hands-on activities.
Key aims:

  • To disseminate the ongoing work of the OpenLIVES project team, who will talk about their direct experience of publishing historical research data openly, and their collaboration in the creation of OERs using this data
  • To stimulate discussion around the issues and challenges of publishing research data openly, and the issues inherent in re-using the data/work of others
  • To offer practical tips from experience on how to re-use data to create OERs on different topics and purposes
  • To give hands-on practice using the core data with a new OER remixing tool