PGR coffee morning

We welcome all Humanities PGR students to our first PGR digital research coffee morning

Join your fellow Humanities PGRs to discuss everything related to digital research (issues, questions, possible benefits, practical help, brainstorming) in a one-hour morning session fuelled by coffee and cakes!

When? Wednesday 13 March 2013, 10-11AM.
Where? Room 1085 (film editing suite, with card access), Building 65, Avenue Campus.

All Humanities PGR students have a digital component to their research these days: from the everyday use of text processing software and spreadsheets to more demanding tasks like web design, statistics, simulations, digital photography, 3D modelling and natural language processing. All of us come across obstacles sometimes when doing our digital research, like how to overcome a small technical issue or how to quickly gain the skills necessary to perform our digital research critically. A wide range of digital techniques are freely available these days and it becomes increasingly difficult to evaluate what software and hardware is best suited to perform a certain task, and what digital method will lead to correct and critical results of our digital research.

At this coffee morning you will have the opportunity to discuss your research with your fellow Humanities PGR students with diverse backgrounds and skills, many of whom deal with digital research methods and concepts on a daily basis. If you are having some small technical issue, if you need some suggestions of how to best tackle a piece of software, if you are unsure whether digital approaches may have a relevance to your work, or if you want to critically reflect on its existing digital component, then do pop in for a cake and a chat! You will have the opportunity to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of digital research, or to draw up a battle plan to develop a critical digital method for your research.

Hope to see you there!