The Connected Past: people, networks and complexity in archaeology and history

A two-day collaborative, multi-disciplinary symposium at the University of Southampton

24-25 March 2012

Sponsored by ArchaeopressThe Classical Association, the Archaeological Computing Research GroupOxford University Press, the University of Southampton USRG Complexity in Real-world Contexts, the University of Southampton Web Science DTC and the University of Southampton Faculty of Humanities

Conference objectives:

  • To provide a forum for the presentation and debate of multidisciplinary network-based research and debate the ramifications of applying network-based perspectives and methodologies to archaeological and historical data
  • To establish a group of academics using network-based approaches to archaeology, history and allied disciplines
  • To foster cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaborative work aimed at integrating analytical frameworks for understanding complex networks and their application to historical and archaeological problems.
  • To stimulate debate about the theory and application of network analysis within archaeology and history and the relevance of this work for the continued development of network theory in other disciplines.