Creativity and Craft Production in Middle and Late Bronze Age Europe (CinBA) brings together partners from the Universities of Southampton, Cambridge and Trondheim, the National Museum of Denmark, the Natural History Museum of Vienna, Zagreb Archaeological Museum, Lejre Archaeological Park (Sagnlandet) and the Crafts Council. It offers important insights into the fundamental nature of creativity by exploring a part of European history not influenced by contemporary concepts of art – the Bronze Age – looking at developments in crafts that we take for granted today: pottery, textiles and metalwork. It investigates objects as a means to understand local and transnational creative activities, investigating the development of decorative motifs and the techniques and skill used for these. It tracks these developments over more than a millennium within regions forming a north-south axis across Europe: Scandinavia, Central Europe and the Adriatic. In addition, links between ancient and modern creativity are explored through contemporary engagements with Bronze Age objects by modern craftspeople and the public.

The project works with digital media as a means of communicating its research to stakeholders, to record and store data, and to assist project partners in collaborating together across international boundaries.

Check out our exhibition of contemporary craft objects inspired by Bronze Age material (curated by Prof. J. Jefferies).


  • Joanna Sofaer
  • Hembo Pagi