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Quaternary Archaeology and Environments of Jersey Project: La Cotte de St Brelade

The site of La Cotte de St. Brelade preserves an exceptional archaeological sequence, recording unparalleled evidence for changing Neanderthal behaviour between 250-60 KBP.  As well as Neanderthal fossils, the site has produced in excess of 250,000 finds. Two notable layers have drawn the interpretative focus of archaeologists; both are “bone heaps”, comprising axial elements of mammoth and woolly rhino. Continue reading →


In any domain, a key activity of researchers is to search for and synthesise data from multiple sources in order to create new knowledge. In many cases this process is laborious, to the point of making certain questions nearly intractable because the cost of the search outstrips the time available to consider the work. Continue reading →

Schenker Documents Online

In the world today, the name of Heinrich Schenker (1868-1935) is as familiar to musicians and music scholars as that of Albert Einstein in physics, or Ludwig Wittgenstein in philosophy. How did this come about? In the early twentieth century, Schenker was highly respected as a piano teacher, editor and critic, and his analyses were widely read. Continue reading →

From MySpace to MyJewishSpace: The role of the internet in the self-definition of ‘New Jews’ in Austria and Germany

Together with a significant proportion of the population, especially in the developed world, Jewish writers nowadays use the internet to present themselves, advertise their work and their interests, or share pictures of their family albums. With millions of others they thus negotiate big chunks of their private lives in a public space. In my paper I will argue that Jews, by seemingly doing the same as everybody else, are actually marking themselves out as different. Continue reading →