Re-Reading the British Memorial: A Community Documentation Project

The Re-reading the British Memorial project is investigating the potential for using a variety of technologies for the recording, interpreting and sharing of data about church memorials in the UK. the project is based within the Archaeological Computing Research Group at the University of Southampton, UK.

The purpose of the project is to provide expert assistance and training to local groups wishing to document, interpret and disseminate cultural heritage using digital imaging technologies. We provide training and ongoing assistance in the use of Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) and other complementary documentation techniques, and also assist in the publication of these data online.

The project is run with the aim of sharing knowledge, expertise and equipment with local groups helping them to enhance and to broaden access to their research. We have worked with a number of Church and Local History groups helping to document and to study memorial inscriptions and welcome all enquiries regarding future collaborations.

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  • Nicole Beale
  • Gareth Beale
  • Hembo Pagi
  • Rose Ferraby (University of Exeter)