sotonDH small grants: Locative and geo-located audio: editing a place with sounds

After my presentation at UoS Creative Digifest2Guy Stephens of Cap Gemini invited me to speak at their London offices: Monday 22nd October, presenting recent musical and academic research on virtual sound in real environments.

Fantastic opportunity to discuss my musical and academic research with an audience at Cap Gemini yesterday, in their astonishing 8th floor “Accelerated Solutions Environment” – an entirely mobile arrangement of walls and furniture on wheels, capable of almost instantaneous transformation.

I was more than a little apprehensive about speaking straight after the man from Google – Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist at Google Maps, on the future of Annotated Landscapes – who described some mind-boggling concepts for emerging mobile connectivity.

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Mixing ‘Virtual’ Music With The ‘Real’ World
I presented the reasons for wanting to create music you can walk inside – how the studio lets us do extraordinary things that seem really to be happening but which are impossible – but we are then obliged to listen to music on speakers; aware of the sounds’ artificiality and having a rather boring sensory experience, when compared to the highly visual psycho-drama of live performance. So early last year I approached ISVR at UoS to talk about a system I wanted to build, that is now turning slowly into 3DBARE, a virtual spatialisation tool for immersive and interactive audio. []

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Social Media Jam: Google Maps Innovation
Yesterday’s excellent social media jam event featured Google’s Ed Parsons talking about the immediate and future vision for Google Maps, at the Capgemini office in Central London. Read on for some notes, comments and observations from the session. []

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