sotonDH Small Grants: Medieval Palaeography and the Digital World – Post 3

sotonDH Small Grants: Medieval Palaeography and the Digital World – Post 3 by Jacopo Mazzeo

In my second post I examined the contents of the workshop about managing events through digital tools I attended last February in Cambridge.

As I said in my first post, the relation between my studies and digital tools mainly involves high quality digital reproductions of medieval manuscripts and the study of them with the aid of some popular software. Social media play an active role when events as conferences, seminars, workshops etc…are involved.

In fact, the main reason why I wanted to attend the workshop was to get new ideas to manage conferences as my research project team’s one is due next September.

Unfortunately I will not be able to experiment ideas that require money or too expensive technical equipment, on the other hand the use of Twitter and other social media might help advertising the event and archiving it as well.

Although I did not expect to get ideas for possible future research projects, thanks to this workshop I found the necessary clue to start building a research project based on the outcomes of my PhD studies. This project is now in its earliest stage, it is going to involve musicologists as well as professionals from other disciplines and it is going to start right after the very end of my PhD. The aim of the project is the digital reconstruction of a specific musical environment of the Middle Ages.

I decided to build a project based on digital reconstructions as I consider the application of Digital tools to the Humanities one of the most fascinating and interesting ways to engage the public and let it enjoying the results of our researches.