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Leipzig eHumanities award

The Leipzig centre for eHumanities has recently announced a new award scheme: the eHumanities innovation award. The award aims to recognise "emerging researchers who have developed new automated methods for the analysis of Humanities content". The Leipzig team emphasises that they are not looking for scholars who applied existing methods to digital data, but instead want to uncover real methodological innovations that are useful for the Humanities. Continue reading →

Visit to centre for e-research Leipzig

Last week Matteo Romanello and myself visited Marco Büchler and his colleagues in the eTraces project, based in Leipzig. We were introduced to the fascinating work on the interface between computer science and the Humanities done by the eTraces team and also got the opportunity to present our own work. Here some info about the eTraces project: Be it science or the everyday life - our language contains numerous trails of our cultural legacy in the form of winged words and quotations. Continue reading →