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sotonDH small grant: Scanning Winchester Cathedral (part two)

Having received a small sotonDH student research grant I took the ScanStation 2 laser scanner owned by the Geography department to Winchester cathedral. Scanning started with the Pilgrims’ hall located next the Pilgrims’ school (attached) with both the interior and exterior being scanned at a 2cm resolution. The resolution was chosen through a combination of trying to gain enough data that can be used to create a reasonable representation of the building with the time available. Continue reading →

sotonDH small grant: Scanning Winchester Cathedral

I recently gained some funding in the form of a small sotonDH student research grant that was used within the data collection of my PhD. The focus of the application was on the use of a terrestrial laser scanner to create an accurate recording of Winchester cathedral and its surrounding buildings. The cathedral was original consecrated in 1093 and since its formation has undergone a number of different changes in terms of size, architecture and use. Continue reading →

sotonDH small grants: Painting the landscape itself. No, I mean really, actually painting it. Oh, and in sound.

If ever you decide to demonstrate your crazy, arcane research, the ideas you dream about and discuss with yourself, sometimes inadvertently aloud - then find you’ve accidentally instigated the biggest, most exciting and terrifying project of your life, don’t call me to complain. I will only laugh. I was working on how to motion-track listeners so they can walk inside a piece of music - we’re getting there, with amazing work from composer-programmer Iyad Assaf, it’s called 3D-BARE. Continue reading →

sotonDH Small Grants: Painting a City with Sounds – An Audio Portrait of Southampton

Composing in the digital studio, I find objects from my surroundings to create virtual ʻinstrumentsʼ from urban and rural sources, machine and human. They are combined, transformed, augmented. Audio Portrait of a City is a an aural snapshot of a place in a time, the largest project of its kind anywhere. Using spoken word and field recordings, I am building a sonic snapshot of a year in Southampton, a vast soundscape stretching across the entire city. Continue reading →