DHDL update

The equipment has now been installed for the Digital Humanities Distributed Lab. Two existing lab spaces at Avenue have been revamped. Digital Humanities Lab 1 (65/1085) has 9 imacs setup for time based media creation and editing. There is also a wall mounted screen and an apple TV to allow sharing of content from the imacs and other apple devices. Digital Humanities Lab 2 (65a/3043) is optimised for spatial and graphical digital humanities. It has 8 high performance workstations with 32 GB RAM, 8 lower spec workstations and space for 4 laptops. There are three wall mounted screens, one of which is 3d, 3 apple tvs and 3 wall mounted Microsoft kinects. There are also two flatbed scanners and a whiteboard with eBeam capture.

The software will be finalised and installed in the coming month. Booking of the lab for teaching must relate to digital humanities and we will keep the spaces open access for DH research and learning as much as possible. In addition the labs have a broad range of associated portable equipment that can be booked out for student use. This includes cameras of various kinds and scanning hardware.

In the final stage of the project we will develop the social media and file sharing infrastructure to connect with partner labs elsewhere in the University.