DHDL update

The Digital Humanities Distributed Lab (DHDL) student design team have now had a few meetings and a few proposals for technology are on the table. Proposed technological components include:

  • Pre-configured and usually-on webcam systems in DH rooms, for broadcasting lectures and multi-disciplinary seminars and for promoting serendipitous encounters at other times;
  • Wall-mounted LCD touch screens will provide DH activity updates and message-boards. When not in use for teaching these will reverts to an ambient display with support for DH twitter feeds, DH student delicious.com feeds, DH student Mendeley and EPrints feeds. Designed to promote serendipitous discovery of new learning resources;
  • Consistent cross-platform Digital Humanities look and feel to lab facilities provided by dedicated web pages and complementary desktop shortcuts on both Apple OS and Windows 7 systems;
  • Multi-user web-based calendar of DH teaching activities to promote room usage and facilitate hot desking.