Lecture in Tartu: Digital Archaeologies: Imaging, Fieldwork and Simulation of the Ancient World

I have finished writing my talk for tomorrow at the University of Tartu. The abstract is below. I am going to concentrate on the data capture aspects of the Portus Project and the data visualisation components of our work at Catalhoyuk, with some mention of the RCUK PATINA project and the AHRC RTISAD project. Tomorrow will be my last full day in beautiful Estonia. An amazing place.


In this talk Graeme Earl (University of Southampton) will introduce the activities of the Archaeological Computing Research Group, which has for the last twenty years explored research at the intersection of cultural heritage and computation. In particular the talk will describe work on field recording and simulation at Roman Portus, on collaboration and visualisation at Neolithic Catalhoyuk, and on imaging of artefacts from museums in the UK and Europe. Graeme is particularly interested in the reciprocal benefits of this research and will discuss future activities aimed at encouraging collaboration across domains, including the challenges and opportunities posed by management and interlinking of archaeological data.

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